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Instructions: Each player draws five 2x3 cell rectangles on their side of the center line. Once both players have drawn their ships, the first player lines up their missile by filling 1 cell, positioned such that when folding the sheet in half may overlap onto one of the other players ships. Once drawn, fold the paper and imprint the cell onto the page (scribble over the missile again, or use a coin). Unfold the paper. If the missile hit the player's ship, draw an X over it. Take turns until all ships have been destroyed.

Rules: No cell counting, or measuring when placing missiles.

If you care to mix it up, cut out the dice and roll five times as you draw your ships. Draw any shape ship taking up as many cells as the dice value.

Required Tools: Pencil, Scissors (if using dice)

I remember playing a game like this back in middle school. This is just a slight twist on the original :)


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